Wednesday, May 16, 2007

king of the hill

Things are a little better around here. After a lot of discussion with my brother, we have a new plumber lined up & the price is right. Also, other adults whose opinions I value highly have agreed with me that Randy's unwillingness to learn how to run a backhoe by trial & error does not make him stupid.

I realize that admitting I'm a fan of "King of the Hill" opens me up to lots of judgment, but occasionally, I find nuggets of truth & wisdom in that show. The characters remind me of people I know & love. Anyway, when all these folks I know were telling me to rent a backhoe, I couldn't help but think of the scene where Bill & Dale end up in the grave at the pet cemetery. I could see me & Randy falling clear thru to China from the side yard. Anyway, I think the worst of that situation is over & things can only get better. My favorite "KOTH" episode, by the way, is the one where the guys go fishing & find they catch a lot more when they use the bait they buy in the shady part of town. The bait is actually crack. I've seen almost all of them. It's hard to pick favorites.

Well...I've got to get to bed. Life has been extremely complicated this week. I don't know why things are so nuts, but they are. Later!!!

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