Saturday, April 07, 2007

I can't tell you why...

Hope everyone is having a blessed Easter weekend. Or Passover week, for those who celebrate that holiday.

We've had beautiful, though unseasonably cold, weather here. Tomorrow it's predicted that we'll have a record-setting low temperature Easter. I think the predicted low tonight's 20 degrees??? Yes, that IS a little cold for Tennessee for April 8. I DO remember an April 21 when we got an inch or two of snow, though.

I haven't had to do as much driving as usual - yet. Tomorrow's driving day for me - I'll be hitting Mom's, Granny's, & Dad's. They live within a 5-mile radius of each other, about 25 miles from here. Rachel hasn't been her usual traveling self this weekend. The only driving we've done for her is around the corner, where she spent Thursday night with a friend. We spent most of yesterday hanging around here waiting for Rachel to be picked up by a young man, who didn't come through. I didn't want him coming to pick her up & discovering that she was in an empty house...knowing where that might lead...even though she claims that would never happen. I'm sure she hates the fact that I have a great memory. It's only been 25 years since I was 15, you know.

So since I was here yesterday, I did most of the usual housework. I have other projects I could do, if I wanted. Unlike my typical,"Oh, I'll never get everything done," feeling I have most weekends (when I've got too much to do & not enough time, or I want to be doing something REALLY important or fun or life-changing), I've got a much better attitude today. I can't tell you why my attitude is better. Thus the title for today's blog.

This morning I helped Randy get the last of the floor-changing project trash out of the garage. He took that to the dump, while Derek & I went running around. I planned my trip very well. First we dropped something off in Adams, then went to Guthrie. I wanted to see Robert Penn Warren's house. I've been approaching both my career & my hobby of writing in a very intellectual manner of late. Mr. Warren was from Guthrie & so I am inspired to greatness. Seriously! I wonder if he was related to my aunt Lucille. She was a Warren.

After that, we traveled to Clarksville where we got lunch, dropped off some clothes at the Goodwill, picked up a prescription & got the boy a haircut. Then I came home & napped. So here I am, writing a little, sharing my joy in life, & ready to get up & approach the next task on the list. Later!!!

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