Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nothing happened on the Circle today.

So far today I've just been lazy. I've eaten, checked my e-mail, read a little, watched the news, & that's about it. Usually by this point in the day I've at least walked the dog. I have a lot that should be done today. We're going next door to a party. I need to call my brother about my mom's birthday, which is tomorrow. I have a gift for her, I just need to figure out what we're doing for lunch. I could make chili, or maybe a cake, but I don't know. Anyway, nothing much going on today, & that's probably a good thing.

I took today's title from one of my mom's yearbooks. It was a caption of a photo of the principal addressing the crowd at graduation. It was actually, "Nothing happened in Greenbrier today." I thought that was pretty funny when I was a kid.

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