Sunday, December 03, 2006

What do hippies, Amish folk, & Pentecostals have in common?

They fascinate me, that's what! I like hippies, Amish people, and Pentecostals. I find myself constantly fascinated by all three of these groups of people. They have a lot in common, though there are a lot of differences too.

They all like simple living. Well, not all hippies live in communes, some Amish have more technology than others, and Pentecostals in general don't specify whether they'd rather live in the city or country. But fashion isn't necessarily a big priority for any of them. Pentecostal women do dress fairly simply. They do not wear jewelry or makeup, they don't cut their hair, and they don't wear pants.

Oh, of course, some do; I'm just generalizing here. I'm certainly not trying to slam any of these groups because I LOVE them! I want to be one of them! I just want to be...well, no, I don't want to be ALL of them. I just find their ways very appealing.

I do like wearing skirts. I'm not at the moment - I went to the PV Christmas parade yesterday & put on one of my two pairs of jeans, because it was COLD. And, I believe that, as Paul said in the Bible, everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial. Yesterday, these jeans were beneficial, for sure. As I walk the dog in a few minutes, they'll be beneficial today too. After that, I'll put on a skirt to go to church & visit my family. I occasionally get asked why I like wearing dresses. I just do. I kind of agree with the Pentecostals to a point - I think women should dress modestly and feminine-ly. In my opinion, most women do not look all that great in pants, even dress pants. Some do. My mom always looks nice in pants. She can wear a polo shirt tucked into a pair of khakis and look fine, feminine and yet not revealing.

When I put the same outfit on (in a bigger size, of course), I feel like I look...well, not trying to offend anyone here, but I feel like I look like I should be going to work in fast food. Which is OK, if you're going to work in fast food, but I don't. I feel like that type of outfit makes me look like a woman who's trying to look masculine. Definitely not me.

Last year right after Christmas, I went to a store where all the cashiers & sales associates wear the latest fashions. I was glad I didn't work there. My cashier was thin, probably 5'8" and 120 pounds. Her pants emphasized every ounce of fat she had on her belly and hips. Now, granted, she wasn't fat by any means. Had she been wearing a long straight skirt, she'd have looked positively sleek. But those clothes were so unflattering. So was the outfit worn by the other cashier that day, a larger young lady, probably the same height but twice the weight. I'm sorry, but I don't think low-rise pants - not jeans - flatter women who are built that way. She didn't have belly showing, not uncovered anyway. The somewhat tight sweater covered her belly's skin, but it wasn't pretty. There are lots of styles of clothes that would've been more flattering to her. She really wasn't ugly, but I thought her clothes were.

Back to the hippies, Amish & Pentecostals. The women in all those groups let their hair grow long. And that's something I want to do. I know I'm nearly 40 and I know my hair is getting some gray (believe me, I see a little more in the mirror every time I look), but I don't necessarily think that means I should get my hair cut. Rachel said this best: "I think long hair makes women look younger. When you see a woman with short hair, usually you think she must be older because older women think they're supposed to cut their hair." I don't really agree with her completely: some young women look really cute with short hair. I used to be one of them. But now that my face is fatter and I choose to stop bleaching my hair (because I really DID look a lot older with white-blonde hair), I don't think short hair does as much for me.

I just wish I could wake up with hair about midway down my back. I'm tired of it being stuck in the overgrown short cut stage. I want to put it in a ponytail, or up on my head, or let it flow.

Well, the time has come for me to get ready for church. I'm amazed at how quickly time flies when I'm blogging.


1026sk said...

Hi Marisa,

Pretty name you have.
I noticed your on your blog you wrote how you were fascinated by Pentecostals and such.

Well I am a Pentecostal Holiness lady, and would like to answer any questions you may have.

I have been raised pentecostal my whole life and now am in my 30's and I hold the same values I was taught and try to live and raise my family by the word of God.
I think it's great that you feel the need to dress feminine and modest.
Also I am pleased to hear you are growing out your hair.
The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 11, verses 14,& 15, that a woman's long hair is her glory.

Unlike the hippies our men do not let their hair grow out. They keep it nice and short. 1 Corinthians 11:14
Doth not even nature itself teach you that if a man have long hair it is a shame unto him?

That is one of the scriptures our menfolk must take heed towards their outward appearances.

I too am somewhat fascinated by the Amish, As you stated you were also.
I have read many books on them and admire them, Although I feel our religion has many differences.

Well I've got to run, but I did enjoy reading your blog.

Marisa said...

Wow! I had almost forgotten this post. That's one of the dangers in blogging, I guess. I have often blogged just about whatever was on my mind. Sometimes I have made myself look really dumb! Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog, Serena. Thank you for your comment, too.

In re-reading this, I realize that I made it look like "hippies" had more in common with Pentecostals & Amish folks than they really do. I am not quite as fascinated with them now as I was when I posted this!

I don't wear dresses all the time these days. And, I got my hair cut after I posted this, but I've been letting it grow for nearly a year now & I really like it. I think God has been working on me in that respect for a long time.