Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cute is...

"What you are when you wear a dress." This, according to my four-year-old niece Katie.

She was certainly cute this Christmas. We had a great week of gift-giving and eating and celebration. Friday night we went to Mom's, Saturday morning we went to Randy's mom's, Sunday morning we went to church and then to Granddaddy's on Sunday night, and on Monday at noon we went to my dad's for the afternoon. And then it was over, but then it was time to relax & enjoy a couple of days off.

I started getting a cold yesterday afternoon, & through the evening & night I felt pretty rough. Now I feel a little better, though I'm still a little puny. Randy said I should just stay in and rest, & I'm taking his advice today. I like a good bargain as much as anyone but I hate fighting the crowds & traffic & all that. So, this year, that's not for me.

Today I'm updating my webpages a little & probably will cook something later on. For now, I just wanted to check in & say hello.

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